Thursday, September 18, 2008


The Continual nature of recent terrorist strikes at various Indian Cities is forcing Government of India to strengthen and restructure its Anti Terror laws and efforts to protect the people of India against invisible enemies.

Has anything changed after 5 serial blasts on Saturday (9/13) at New Delhi??

  • Home ministry of India shouted that they are aware of the possible terrorist strike in such cities, but they failed to capitalize on the ground in real time (at zero hours).
  • Investigating Agencies confirmed that “Terror Pattern” is similar to the last four blasts and similar chemical agents used in the preparation of bombs.
  • Intelligence agencies suspect the involvement same terrorist outfit behind all the attacks.
  • Home ministry repeated the same version of words (what he is used to use after any terror blasts) to the Press “Who ever is involved in carrying out the blast will be punished under law of the land”.
  • Our politicians started blaming each other‘s failure.
  • State Police claimed to capture the one of the Mastermind of the blasts and bet on solving the case soon.

Are all these above statements really ensure us that we are now protected?

I doubt. The government of India is really in a need to change in approach to terror.

Change; The Government of India needs:

- Need to ensure that the baseline information is accurate to provide situational awareness.

- Intelligence agencies need to be more successful in obtaining the background information on mission, critical information on threat potential.

- Needs more Coordination between state investigating agencies. May be a formation of “a national federal agency “to deal with terror issues.

- Implementation of high end GIS & Mapping initiative. The Majority of information required for Emergency Management and Home land Security is spatial. Once the base data is collected, GIS & mapping initiative becomes extremely helpful in visualizing the necessaries to be developed.

o Threat Assessment and Planning
o Vulnerability Assessment
o Protection Strategies & preparedness
o Response
o Recovery

- (Just to remember) Government of India came out successfully in Kargil War (Operation – Vijay) with an aid of high end GIS & Mapping initiative.

Thank you.
Sushanta Kabi


Padmaja Ganti said...

hey grt to see ur blog!! keep it coming!!

Sushanta Kabi said...

Thank you Padmaja. I will keep it coming regualrly. Since last few months I was tremendeous busy. That led to skip lots of interesting topics to discuss.